Read the following text from which five sentences have been removed. Choose from the sentences A-G the most suitable one to fill each numbered gap in the text (41-45). There are TWO extra sentences that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
    In 2009, the number of hungry people in the world reached one billion for the first time. It's difficult not to be shocked by the fact that more than one in seven people in the world do not have enough to eat.41___Hunger kills more people per year than diseases such as AIDS, malaria and TB combined.
    The UN estimates that almost two thirds of the world's hungry people are in Asia, which is of course the world' s most populous continent.42____ Although this region has a much lower population than Asia, it has the highest percentage of hungry people. Almost all of the rest are in Latin America, North Africa and the Caribbean, In the richest regions of the world there are only a tiny number of people who don' t have enough to eat.
    There are many reasons for world hunger. They include wars, droughts, floods, and the over- use of fanning land.43____Many people also blame greedy businessmen for pushing up the prices of basic foods in the global market. But the most important reason, quite simply, is poverty, which has increased recently due to the financial crisis of 2008.
    Although many people make the obvious point that there would be less hunger if the global population were smaller, few people would argue that there is not enough food to go around. 44____ In the last 50 years, global food production has risen even more quickly than the global population. There are many areas of the world in which people generally have more than enough food.45____The answer to world hunger, therefore, may be a balanced food distribution around the whole world. Everyone will have enough to eat, but not overeat.

A.The basic problem seems to be not a lack of food, but its distribution.
B.More than a quarter are in sub-Saharan Africa.
C.All these factors affect food production.
D.It takes the effort of every country to fight against world hunger.
E.In those places, obesity is a far bigger problem than hunger.
F.Those places need far more food than they actually get.
G.By the end of this year, more than 35 million people will have died as a result of not having enough to eat.

1.[选词填空]根据前文,在一些发达地区,食物供应远超过人们的需 求,此处应具体说明此地区人们的问题。E项“hl nose places, obesity is a far bigger problem than hunger.”这些地区人们的肥胖 问题远大于饥饿问题,此句能承接上文,符合题意,故选E。
            参考答案: E,B,G,C,A