Part BDirections: Read the text below. Write an essay in about 120 words, in which you should summarize the key points of the text and make comments on them. Try to use your own words. Lee Rodriguez-Espada, 12,was late to the Wegmans Family 5k Sunday in Rochester, New York. To save time, her mom dropped her near the starting line before parking the car. Lee rushed to the starting line only to realize the race had already begun. She was told to just start running and quickly fell into pace with the others. Meanwhile her mom found a spot at the finish line,expecting to congratulate her daughter within the hour. Concentrating on running,Lee didn’t realize until mile 4 that the finish line was nowhere in sight. Turning to another runner, she asked how much further. “That’s when it struck me I was in the half marathon instead of the 5k,” Lee said afterwards. Instead of dropping out, she decided to keep running. Realizing Lee wasn’t among the runners crossing the 5k finish line,her mom alerted race officials and the police. A police officer eventually found Lee on the course of the Flower City Half Marathon. The girl said she knew her family was worried but she couldn’t quit. She needed to finish the race. And as she finally crossed the finish line,after running 10 miles more than she had planned, her mother cried tears of joy. “I see her with a medal and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, she ran the other one, like for real’” she said. “She decided to just keep running and not give up. ’’ “I’m really proud,” said Lee, whose next race is this weekend.

参考答案:     Li is 12 years old girl. There is a 5k running race host in Rochester, Now York on Sunday, and she wants to join it. So on that day, her mom take her to the field. After they arrived, Li starts to follow a group of people running. 
    After running 5K, Li has not see the end, so she ask the people what is going on The staff tell her this is actually not a 5K running program, this is actually a Half Marathon, which is around 21K in distance. At the meantime,here mom is still waiting for her, but she does not show up. So Li’s mother called the police. The police arrived and told her it is actually a Half Marathon, and its way more longer than 5K.
    After we heard the story, the normal people would just quiet the game. After all, the actual race is way more longer than we expected. However, Li continued running, even a time she was out of breath and run out of strength. 
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