Part A.A local environmental group is recruiting volunteers at the moment. You are willing to become one of them. Write an email to the recruiters, telling them; 1. Why you want to be a volunteer; 2. What you can do for the group ; 3. When you will be available.

参考答案: Dcar Sir/Madam,

    Iam a student who is Senior Two in High School. I am writing to fight for the opportunity of being a voluteer which will help improve the environmentcondition in our city

   Firstly, I am in favor of the idea that environment take a very important role in society, and it deserves more and better care front human being. Then,as for me, I' m outgoing and willing to get along well with my co-workers. I am always helpful and warm-heaved. I have the ability to deal with some certain  problem. I would be very grateful if you give me the oppotunity.

I will be available at every weekends.

I am looking forward to your replay. 
Yours faithfully
Wang Lin

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