Questions 18 -21 are based on the following dialogue in a travel agency.

1.[单选题]Which city is the man going to visit?
  • A.Oxford.
  • B.Pads.
  • C.Shaftsbury.
  • D.London.
2.[单选题]Which tourist attraction is NOT mentioned in the dialogue?
  • A.Buckingham  Palace.
  • B.Shops and restaurants.
  • C.Tower of London.
  • D.The British Museum.
3.[单选题]What is NOT listed on the man's schedule?
  • A.Shopping.
  • B.Watching a show.
  • C.Meeting friends.
  • D.Visiting art galleries.
4.[单选题]What can you infer from the dialogue?
  • A.The visitor will see very little of the city.
  • B.The visitor's schedule is tight.
  • C.The visitor will enjoy his time.
  • D.The visitor will leave for another city the next day.Questions 22 -25 are based on the following monologue on smoking.
参考答案: D,C,C,B